About Author H.J. Sage

H.J. Sage has been a writer for 40 years. While on active duty in the military he served as an aide and speech writer for five years in the Pentagon, writing for top admirals, generals and civilian officials. Following his retirement from the Marine Corps, Mister Sage ghost wrote a book for a popular speaker that was published in 1982 and is still in print.

He then became a teacher at Northern Virginia Community College, where he began building a history website in 1995 based on his own writings. He eventually converted his historical writings into two American history textbooks, which he published himself and made available to students at very low cost. The two books are now basic texts with Open Educational Resources.

Mister Sage began writing fiction years ago, and after he retired from teaching, he resumed his fiction writing full-time. His books have been well received by small but appreciative audiences. He self-published them through Lulu and in Kindle and retains all rights to his works. He lives in Northern Virginia with his wife Nancy, a retired teacher, and their Bichon Frisé Olivia. He is now working on his twelfth novel.

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