Elusive Dreams

The Freeman family are dreamers—decent, uncomplicated people who live in a medium size  midwestern city. With modest hopes for their future, they seem happy on the outside, but underneath things are not quite what they seem.

elusive dreams coverJohn Freeman manages a hardware store, a decent job that can support his family. But he dreams of doing something more with his life, something important. His wife Hannah’s only dream is to raise a good, God-fearing family of decent, well-behaved children. When that wish is thwarted by illness, the entire family structure is threatened.

Aaron, the son, a fine athlete, hopes to become a pro basketball player. When he wins a basketball scholarship at a top-tier college bound for the NCAA Championship, he is on his way. But many are called, few are chosen. Aaron turns to his beloved Luanne, who has dreams of her own.

Sally, the attractive, bright daughter, was born with a helping spirit—she hopes one day to be a doctor. Hannah, the one who should be her daughter's primary support, thwarts her dreams, driving her from the family nest into an uncertain future. Sally runs away to her beautiful but troubled Aunt Lucy, who, like Sally, was lost for much of her life. As Sally gets nearer to her goal, her intimate relationships cause setbacks. Can Lucy help her?

What will become of the Freemans? Can they save each other? Can Harry, the wise, wealthy broker who rescued Lucy, help guide Sally onto her chosen path? Can he provide Aaron with a backup plan when his goal fades away? Will Luanne’s mother Carla find a place in the family picture? What can she do for John? For Sally?

What can they all do for each other? Dreams are elusive, but when one dream vanishes, another dream appears to replace it—whenever love is there to sustain it. They turn outward as the family structure crumbles under the burden of a destructive illness.

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