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Below are the titles of some of my recent books. If you would like to see more or read the first chapter, click on the cover image. All are available on Amazon in either hardback or Kindle versions.

If you are interested in American history, you can find my complete basic American history textbook at Sage American History (www.sageamericanhistory.net)

I have posted first chapters in a number of the novels below in case you would like to sample part of each one.


rikki cover

Rikki's Odyssey

Rikki Karras, a young philosopher, reads a book written by a wounded soldier recovering from injuries received in Afghanistan. When she meets Travis, the author of the bookthey quickly become acquainted and discover that they have much in common.

The two of them set out on a journey to find out why things happen the way they do. It's a long and arduous journey as the wounds that Travis suffered in combat continue to affect his life and health. Rikki stands by Travis as her Odyssey toward the truth continues.


Grounded in a Storm

A young woman recently divorced is on her way to visit friends in California when her connecting flight to San Diego gets grounded in a raging thunderstorm. Depressed and lonely, she is startled when a young Air Force officer in uniform asked if he might join her at her table in a crowded airport cafeteria. As they wait for flights to continue, they become acquainted, and when they discover that they are on the same connecting flight, things become interesting. The lives of both of them begin to change.


cover law

The Lady and the Law

Gwen Baldwin loses her husband in a boating accident while sailing with colleagues from work. She spends a year in mourning, depressed, angry, frustrated. A friend suggests that she talk to a professor of criminal justice, a former female New York City police detective whose partner was killed in action. Perhaps the detective can help her find peace. As the two women become acquainted, Gwen discovers that her husband's “accident” may have been related to a fraud investigation being conducted into his former firm by the federal government. Gwen begins a search for answers.

cover joy

All That Joy Can Give

Jack McMahon and Jessica Caldwell, two young Army officers stationed in the Pentagon, both work for senior ranking officers. As they become acquainted, a romance develops between the two of them, but conflict over their career aspirations and plans for the future threaten their relationship even as it grows stronger. Jack leaves the Army to pursue a career as a college professor but keeps in touch with Jessica.

When she is transferred overseas to a combat zone, Jack grows concerned for her safety.


The Sergeant's Daughter

Sergeant Owen Callahan and Colonel Dan Tucker have known each other since they served together at the Marine Barracks in Washington. Dan, a lieutenant at that time, goes out of his way to help Owen and his family. Their careers continue to intersect until they find themselves in combat together where Owen is instrumental in helping save Dan's life during a firefight.

Their long time personal and professional friendship becomes strained when Owen's daughter and Dan become romantically involved while Dan is the colonel of the regiment and following his sergeant major.


Under Wyoming Skies

Kelly McKinnon, divorced mother of teenagers Lauren and Roy, is frustrated with her job after a series of unfortunate events threatens the business. A trusted longtime employee, she asks her boss for a long overdue vacation. With most of her summer free, she takes Roy and Lauren to visit a ranch in Wyoming owned by her cousin. The two youngsters balk at spending the whole summer “chasing cows,” but as they adjust to life on a large working cattle ranch, they soon become fascinated not only with life on the range, but with their friendship with a Cheyenne family who live and work on the ranch. Kelly decides that perhaps it's time for a permanent change.


The Sound of Loneliness

Stan, a senior executive in a large national financial firm, is recently divorced from an unfaithful wife. Against the advice of his seniors in the firm, including the CEO, Stan decides to leave his position in search of a more satisfying life. As he adjusts to his environment in a temporary job as a college professor, his three adults or children worry about whether their father can at last find some happiness in his now lonely life. Stan forms a close friendship with an older female graduate student at the University where he is teaching. Perhaps she can provide some answers.


Elusive Dreams

John, Hannah, Aaron, and Sally are to all appearances an ideal young midwestern American family. John is a good father, Hannah a devoted wife, and Aaron and Sally are well bred children until Sally begins to rebel. Each of them has a dream, but as conflicts arise among them, the possibility of their attaining their goals becomes threatened when there previously tranquil family life turns into a nightmare of disorder.

Will all those dreams they have ever be attainable as troubles continue to pile up?

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Updated March 13, 2022