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Rennie Starr, who learned to sing from his father, gets a chance to sing with a band at a club in his home town in California. The band plays classic pop tunes from the 1930s and 40s, his father’s favorites. A local favorite, he attracts attention from Nashville and Las Vegas. He is especially popular with the ladies, both for his smooth baritone and his handsome appearance. Romance is possible, but will it be real, or just a temporary fling? He discovers that there is a price to pay for fame, and he wonders whether he is willing to pay it. When he gets invited to appear in Nashville with a female country singer, his career seems ready to take off. When other options appear, he has to make choices. He finds that stardom can be a lonely place to dwell.

Regimental Sergeant Major Owen Callahan, holder of the Medal of Honor, serves with pride under Colonel Daniel Tucker. The two Marines' careers have intersected in the past, and they are indebted to each other for assistance in critical situations, in peacetime and in combat. Owen's daughter Katy has known the colonel since she was five, and he watched her grow fromas a charming youngster, to precocious teenager, and now into a beautiful, mature woman recently graduated from college. She has always thought of him as “Uncle Dan,” but now she sees him in a new light. The colonel, divorced and childless, feels his paternal affection for Katy turning into something more powerful. Concerned for his daughter's happiness, Owen is skeptical. Can the new loving relationship between Katy and Dan survive the strain that their romance creates within the Callahan family?

sergeant's daughter

The love story starts in the Pentagon, where Jack and Jessica, both Army officers, serve as aides to top generals. Jessica, a top graduate from West Point, is dedicated to her Army career and hopes to rise to the top. Jack dreams of a career in the academic world. When Jessica is unwilling to give up her Army career, their paths diverge, even though they live together. He stays close while he studies, but Jessica is transferred overseas to a combat zone, and their love is tested to the limit. Jack prays for her safety and quick return. The two star-crossed lovers struggle to stay close, and Jack wonders if they can survive, resting his hopes on the fact that he has pledged his love to Jessica forever.

Kelly McKinnon, divorced mother of two and manager of a chain of hardware stores in Pennsylvania, is tired. After twenty years on the job, she is frustrated by a series of troubling events and ready for change. She takes her children to a ranch in Wyoming owned by her cousin and his wife. Although the children areskeptical about chasing cows, they warm to the idea as they learn to ride and participate in the life of a hard-working ranch with over 900 head of cattle. They soon become good riders, accustomed to the life of cowboys and cowgirls. A Cheyenne family who live on the ranch begin to introduce Kelly and her children to the Indian culture. Kimi, a young Indian girl, charms the kids. They all begin to think that a permanent move to Wyoming might be something they’d like to experience.


John Freeman manages a hardware store, but he dreams of doing something more. Hannah’s dream is to raise a good, God-fearing family. Son Aaron hopes to become a pro basketball player. When he wins a scholarship at a college bound for the NCAA title, he is on his way. Sally hopes one day to be a doctor. Hannah, the one person who should be her primary support, thwarts her dreams, driving her from the family nest into an uncertain future. What will become of the family under the burden of a destructive illness. Can they save each other? Can someone guide Sally onto her chosen path? Can Aaron find a backup plan when his goal fades away? What can they all do for each other? Dreams are elusive, but when one dream vanishes, another dream appears to replace it—whenever love is there to sustain it.

Lieutenant Casey Coughlin, fresh off sea duty, gets orders to an elite group searching for a mole who leaks Navy secrets. The Director of Naval Intelligence gives Casey's team of math whizzes and cyber experts at a secret location free rein to find the mole. doing whatever it takes. They create a website and attract intruders who may lead them to the leak. Casey’s teamfinds evidence of shady doings within the Navy itself. Casey sends two of his team members to off post locations to snoop for what they can find. They break into a chat group that may lead them to the mole and discover a source in Eastern Europe. Casey’s wife, who works on the congressional intelligence committee, discovers additional information. More questions soon arise. Is the mole a high-ranking naval officer? A Russian agent? Why are the FBI and NCIS involved? Where will the trail lead? Will he find his target? How will it end?

home from the sea

Stan, a successful broker divorced from an unfaithful wife, quits his position with a top firm, startling friends and colleague. His three children stay close to their father as he searches for answers to life’s challenges. The firm  CEO persuades Stan to consider his departure as a sabbatical and offers him a top position if he returns. The dean of students at a university offers him a teaching position in their MBA program. He accepts the challenge and finds himself in a classroom. Anne, a graduate student working on her doctorate offers advice, and the two become friends and lovers. Will Stan keep teaching or accept the CEO's offer? Will Anne join him at the center of New York’s financial district. Their love is tested to the limits.

Abigail has everything she needs and nothing she wants. Her happy marriage has ended when her husband dies in a boating accident. Back in her native New York after years of reckless living, the beautiful former model finds joy in unexpected places. A writing professor friend helps her find new ways to express her creativity. A young policewoman provides her an example of drive. A handsome police captain begins to heal her broken heart. As she struggles to repair her shattered life, she takes courage from both new and old friends. When a new tragedy strikes, she searches for a path to salvation. Will she ever come to know the restorative power of love, and the joy that comes from giving?

new york girls

Kellan Maguire finishes his studies at Trinity, Dublin. Back in the States Kellan practices law. Moira, who is pregnant, gives birth to a healthy girl but dies from complications. In Ireland Kellan develops a warm friendship with Moira's friend Kathleen. He runs for and is elected to Congress, where he serves several successful terms. His best friend Jordan, a Republican senator from Massachusetts, decides to run for president and asks Kellan to join him on the ticket, even though he’s a Democrat. It turns out, however, that Kellan’s marriage with Kathleen becomes a political liability, since she was once associated with a man who was a member of the IRA. Following their successful election, Jordan is killed in an accident, and Kellan’s “Irish connection,” leads to calls for his impeachment.

In a sequel to The Irish Connection, the first Irish born first lady Kathleen is abducted by a group trying to bring peace to Northern Ireland during The Troubles. Kellan discusses her rescue with his top aides, but Kathleen persuades him that since it is a peace mission, she can represent him in negotiations with the British. The president sends one of his military aides to follow her, however, and he tracks her movements. While the Prime Minister is en route to the negotiations, an assassination attempt fails, but thepeace talks are cancelled, and Kathleen is secretly rushed back to the United States. When the story comes out, an impeachment inquiry follows. Kathleen helps defend the president against the charges, and the inquiry is dropped. londonderry
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