The Irish Connection
molly malone Kellan Maguire studies law and economics in Dublin for four years and returns to the States with an Irish bride. He pursues a career in law, but his wife dies giving birth to a daughter, Fiona. Fiona is raised in Ireland by his wife's family, but father and daughter exchange frequent visits both in Ireland and in the States. Years later, Congressman Maguire is invited by his friend Senator Jordan Montgomery to run with him as candidate for Vice President. They win the election, but just before Inauguration Day, the president-elect is badly injured in an accident. When it looks as if Kellan Maguire may be headed for the White House, critics probe his background and discover a possible connection between Kellan and the IRA, in the person of his second wife, the Irish beauty Kathleen, his former wife's best friend. He must defend himself against the charges, and Kathleen becomes the key to his defense as she reveals the real truth about her background. Kathleen and Fiona are Kellan’s Irish Connection. temple bar

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Updated February 12, 2015

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