The Irish Connection: The Future

We cannot see the future. As a historian, this writer believes in the wisdom of many others, including Patrick Henry, who said “I have but one lamp by which my feet are guided; and that is the lamp of experience. I know of no way of judging of the future but by the past.” What that means is that the path to the future is always guided by what has gone before. The past does not determine the future; it merely suggests.

If we know how people have behaved in the past, we can reasonably expect that they will act similarly in the days and years ahead. So let us use what we know about Kellan, Kathleen, Alex, Jean, Moira and the others to speculate about where they might be headed. What is their destiny? Here are possibilites.

There is a sequel in the works: “Londonderry Affair”

The Cast at the end of the Story

Kellan Maguire

Scholar, Husband, Father, Lawyer, Congressman

Fiona Connolly Hanrahan

Kellan's Daughter, raised by Moira's family in Mallow, Ireland

Kathleen Morrissey Maguire

The Irish beauty is Kellan's Second Love, his Irish Connection, and now his wife.

Alexandra Crowell

Kellan's Other Best Friend, Colleague & Counselor.


The Ulster Flag

Kellan and Kathleen have retired from public life. He was successful in his professional life; she found outlets for her natural creativity in writing and volunteering for causes in which she believed. Kellan also returned to writing to complete a memoir, which also served as a blueprint for those who admired him and wanted to build on his achievements.

Kathleen's destiny was shaped by events in Londonderry, as was Kellan's. They decide to spend some time in that northern corner of Ireland. They fly to Belfast to visit Aunt Mikki, who is now approaching age 80 but still as lively as ever. They rent a car and drive along the beautiful northeast Antrim Coast to Derry. After several weeks of sightseeing and poking around in the history of the city, they decide to procure a house in nearly Ballycastle with a view of the ocean where the Irish Sea meets the North Atlantic. Kellan settles down to begin another book while Kathleen writes sad and beautiful poetry about the history of the Irish.

More to come. The Sequel: “Londonderry Affair.”

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