“The Irish Connection” by H.J. Sage

This site tells a story about a story. It is the story of a man who started life with a strong sense of what he wanted to do. He had dreams: Some were shattered, but many were realized. Then, as his life developed, he discovered new dreams and adopted new goals. Like most of us, he had no idea where he might wind up. In his mature years a strange turn of fate led him to a place of which he had never even dreamed. Sometimes we can shape our own destiny; sometimes destiny shapes us.

As Kellan Maguire's new dreams emerged, he found obstacles in his path in the form of a twist to his Irish connections that threatened to undo him as well as those closest to him. But people he admired and loved—and who loved and admired him—helped him reach his destination.

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The story has four parts, and each part is divided into chapters. The links here will take you from beginning to end without giving away the surprise twists.

Part 1 part 2 Part 3 part 4

Meet the Cast

Kellan Maguire

Scholar, Husband, Father, Lawyer, Congressman

Kathleen Morrissey

An Irish beauty, Kellan's Second Love, his Irish Connection

Fiona Connolly

Kellan's Daughter, raised by Moira's family

Moira Maguire

Kellan's First Wife and Mother of Fiona

Jordan Montgomery

Kellan's best friend, Senator and Candidate for President

Alexandra Crowell

Kellan's Other Best Friend, Colleague & Counselor


All's well that ends well, but does this story tell us anything useful? The author of this tale is an American political historian, and events in the story might have a message for all Americans. What are those lessons? Does the tale go beyond mere entertainment without being preachy? You decide.

Meet the Author

H.J. Sage


What might become of the characters in the story? Should there be a sequel? This link will take you to the possibilities:

the future

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