The Irish Connection: Kellan Maguire's Journey: Part 1
library Kellan begins his journey in the great library of Trinity University in Dublin. A graduate of Boston College, Kellan has spent almost four years at the University. Upon graduating from Boston College he was awarded a three-year fellowship to study at Trinity, and during that time he studies for a doctor of laws degree. Since he wants to work in the international law area, he stays an additional year at his own expense to acquire a master's degree in international economics. He accomplishes both goals, and in the process he also acquires a wife, the former Moira Connolly. Moira was a librarian at the University, and her job was to direct library patrons, including Trinity students, to various resources they might need. During his many hours of study in the library Kellan finds that Moira is more than helpful; she anticipates his needs, and they soon become close friends.

Kellan and Moira's romance begins when he invites her to join him for a pint in one of Dublin's many pubs. Before long they find themselves falling in love. Kellan gets to know Moira’s friend, Kathleen Morrissey. Although he is attracted to Kathleen, he is committed to Moira. A partner in his father’s old law firm, Benjamin Steinberg, visits Kellan and they meet for lunch at the elegant Fitzwilliam Hotel on St. Stephen's Green. Benjamin secures Kellan's financial future by offering him a position with the firm. He also gives Kellan a handsome signing bonus, presented with reference to Kellan's late father. The windfall enables Kellan to marry Moira. Sad to leave her family, Moira is nevertheless thrilled to be going to the United States. Kellan introduces her to his family and is welcomed into the firm of Phillips, Shannon. Moira is pregnant with their first child, and she and Kellan settle into family life in a Boston suburb.     The Fitzwilliam Hotel dining room is shown at the right.

fitzwilliam hotel
Boston Public Library
Boston Public Library

Kellan begins practicing law at Phillips, Shannon and Steinberg in downtown Boston and busies himself with learning about clients and preparing for the Massachusetts bar exam. Moira’s pregnancy has been difficult, and her mother comes from Ireland to help. During the second day of the bar exam Kellan is called to the hospital. Moira delivers a healthy baby girl but dies in childbirth. Kellan and Libby, his mother-in-law, agree that Moira should be buried back Ireland. They take baby, Fiona, with them, and Kellan and the Connolly family decide that Moira’s brother and sister-in-law, who have a baby daughter, should riase Fiona, at least for the time being.

Back in the states Kellan digs into his practice in the field of international law. His specialty will call for frequent travel to Europe, which enables him to visit his wife’s family and see his daughter. He renews his friendship with Moira’s friend, Kathleen; they are obviously attracted to each other, but she is not yet ready to leave Ireland. Back in Boston, Kellan’s friends encourage him to consider remarrying, but he puts them off. He and his friend Jordan Montgomery discuss their political ambitions at Foley's Pub in “Southie.”

To the right is St. Mary's Church, Mallow, Ireland, where the Connolly family lives. The Connolly household in Mallow is really Kellan's second home, as he visits them often to watch his daughter Fiona grow up. Important for Kellan's future, the Connolly family take Kathleen under their wing, and sensing Kellan and Kathleen's feeling for each other, they do their best to keep the two connected.

Kellan and Moira were married in St. Mary's by Father McGuire, no relation to Kellan. Moira is buried in the church cemetery. When Kellan visits Mallow, he often stops by her grave. The church is within comfortable walking distance of the Connolly home.

St. Mary's Church
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