The Irish Connection: Kellan Maguire's Journey: Part 2

Running Man. Kellan has moved to New York, where he helped set up the firm’s new office. After 10 years in the Empire State, he decides to run for Congress. His friend Jordan is already a Republican United States Senator from Massachusetts. Lynn Patterson, an experienced political operative and wife of millionaire George Patterson, queries him about his goals and qualifications and agrees to run his campaign. He deems himself lucky to have her support.

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The Family First. Kellan goes home to Massachusetts to discuss his plans with his family and then goes on to Ireland to see his daughter and discuss his political aspirations with the family that has raised her. As he never remarried, they decided it was best to let Fiona grew up in Ireland. He kept frequent contact and supported her in every way. Fiona is thrilled that her father is running for Congress. He hears of Kathleen’s marriage to a friend who has had connections with the IRA.

The Primary Cause. Kellan’s first challenge in the 19th Congressional District of New York in the Democratic primary. His primary opponent, an experienced politician, is the former Mayor of White Plains, New York. Lynn, Jean Slater and others assembled by Lynn teach Kellan the ropes of politicking: speechifying, debating and fund-raising. Lynn quickly sees that Kellan is a natural: The ideas that motivated him to run in the first place translate readily into powerful campaign assets. He wins the primary handily and is ready for the next step.

Campaign. In the regular election Kellan’s opponent is a hard-core, right-wing Republican. As Kellan builds a comfortable lead, his opponent in a debate at Iona College in New Rochelle attacks his Irish connections and accuses him of ties to the IRA. Kellan refutes the charges and wins by a landslide. Following his victory, Alexandra Crowell, a senior associate from his firm and a close friend, asks to come to Washington and work for him, and Kellan agrees. She becomes a close confidant and advisor.

Congressman Maguire. Kellan’s daughter Fiona comes to Washington for his swearing-in and enjoys spending time getting to know her father better. Kellan assembles a staff and begins building on the good reputation that has preceded him to Washington, thanks in part to the mentoring of his friend, Senator Montgomery.

Round Two. Having cruised to a second term, Kellan rapidly gains respect among his congressional colleagues. Kellan and Alex, who has become his legislative assistant, plan to collaborate on a book dealing with political and economic issues. Kellan visits Ireland again to visit Fiona and the family. Back in Washington he renews his friendship with Lynn Patterson, who is now divorced. They have a brief romantic interlude. He is shocked to hear that Kathleen’s husband has been killed in a battle between the British and the IRA. He senses that a new door may be opening.

Author. Kellan and Alex procced with their plan to write a book on economic policy. The book is published to favorable reviews, enhancing his position as an expert on international economics. He and Alex decide to visit London together to meet with a British publisher prior to the publication of an edition in that country. He contacts Kathleen and suggests a reunion with her in London. He is thrilled that she decides to meet him there. Not only will he get to begin a new relationship with her—and perhaps a future together—he will have Alex with him to take the measure of Kathleen, whose judgment he trusts implicitly. Alex's first response upon meeting Kathleen is “Wow!” Kellan and Kathleen have an exciting, romantic reunion in London. The future lies before them.

GirlĀ  Friends. Alex and Kathleen quickly take to each other. Kathleen is not yet ready to drop everything and come to America, but she and Kellan will continue their romance. Kellan watches as Kathleen and Alex get better acquainted. Kathleen goes back to Ireland, and as Kellan sees her off at the airport in London, an American reporter recognizes Kellan and aggressively queries him on his female friend. Out of frustration at being bothered in public, he offers a wild explanation that threatens to come back and haunt him later.

As Kellan and Alex travel around together, their friendship continues to grow. Although Alex is gay, she and Kellan clearly love each other and share their hopes, dreams, and ideas with each other. She is a valuable, trusted colleague and dear friend. He is pleased that Alex and Kathleen have hit it off well.

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