The Irish Connection: Kellan Maguire's Journey
Part 3: Run for the Rose Garden

Out West. Kathleen finally travels to America to be with Kellan for good. Kellan takes some time off from his Congressional duties to travel out West with Kathleen, Fiona and Alex. Kellan helps Kathleen get acclimated to American life and spends time with Fiona as she contemplates her future, possibly in medicine or law. Fiona, who considers Kathleen her aunt, is delighted that she and her father plan to marry.

The Beginning of Chaos. In San Francisco Kellan gets a call from Jean that his trusted Chief of Staff, Carmen Montefiore, has had a heart attack and is apparently in critical condition. Kellan flies to Washington. Following Carmen's death, Kellan rearranges his office with his former campaign assistant Jean Slater in charge. Alex remains as Legislative Aide, and the two women bring in a new assistant, Carlos Gutierrez. Kathleen, still somewhat unsettled her plans, returns to Ireland to tidy up some personal affairs before returning to the United States. She and Kellan will marry when she returns.

Into the Cauldron.  Jordan Montgomery wins the Republican nomination for president and invites Kellan to join him on the ballot as his running mate. Kellan is stunned but soon overcomes his skepticism about a ticket split between the parties; he believes it could work. His relationship with Kathleen, however, complicates things for him, as her interesting background might possibly become an issue. Jordan and Kellan plan their campaign with the help of Bob Reynolds, Jordan’s campaign manager.

Marriage. Jordan’s invitation to Kellan for the White House run coincides with Kathleen’s return to the United States. They decide to marry right away in order to bring clarity to their situation. They have a small but happy ceremony at a courthouse in Arlington, Virginia, and settle into life in Arlington just across the Potomac River from Washington. Kathleen begins to learn more about American politics.

Media Frenzy. Although there was some consternation in the Montgomery camp regarding Kellan’s marriage and somewhat complicated background, the insiders are loyal to him and trust him completely. At a press conference Jordan introduces Kellan, and their campaign is often running. The Washington media zero in on the stunning Irish beauty, Kathleen Maguire. Alex becomes Kathleen's de facto press agent.

Paper Trail. The political press has a field day with the mixed ticket, focusing especially on Kellan, the Democratic Congressman from New York. He hopes not to be a distraction during the campaign. At a pre-campaign gathering at Jordan’s home, Kellan gets to rub elbows and exchange talk with Republican heavy hitters and wealthy supporters. Kathleen gets a close-up view of the American political process.

Women's World. Before the campaign gets into high gear Kellan and Kathleen make a trip to Belfast to visit Kathleen’s aunt, with whom she spent many years as a child. She discovers papers that may give her a claim to American citizenship based on her grandfather and father’s brief presence in the United States years earlier. The discovery will turn out to be valuable before long.

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