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Kellan Maguire Kellan Maguire Studies law at Trinity College Dublin, where he meets Moira Connolly, who becomes his wife. They leave and go back to the States, but Moira dies in childbirth. Kellan agrees to let Moira's family raise his daughter, Fiona. Kellan practices law and then decides to run for Congress. He builds a successful career as a Democratic representative from New York.
Moira Maguire

Moira Maguire is Kellan's first love. After more than three years in Ireland, where he has made many friends but few deep relationships, this lovely, witty, brilliant librarian wins him over with her naturally charming personality and timely assistance as he pursues his studies. They are attracted to each other by their common interests, by his love of books and study and her appreciation for his academic industry. As he sees her almost daily while he works to complete his study at the great Trinity University in Dublin, they grow closer and eventually fall in love. Kellan is short of funds, but when the law firm of which his father was a partner makes him an offer of employment along with a generous signing bonus, he and Moira are able to marry. Moira’s family loves Kellan as well, even as they are sad that he will be taking her on a journey that thousands of Irish men and women have taken before. Back in the states she settles into a new life as Kellan's wife, but her difficult pregnancy ends in tragedy when she dies delivering their daughter Fiona.

Fiona Connolly

When Fiona is born, Moira's mother Libby Connolly is at Moira’s side. She came from Ireland sensing that her daughter's pregnancy was difficult. She tells Kellan that she wants her daughter to be buried back in Ireland, a request to which he really consents. During the time when they are waiting to ship her body back aboard ship, Libby convinces Kellan that at least for the short term the best course of action for Fiona is to be raised by the Connolly family. Moira's sister-in-law Deirdre has just had a baby daughter of her own, and she can raise the two siblings in a wonderful environment, the kind of life a young, single lawyer just starting his career would have difficulty providing. The understanding is that when Kellan is ready, presumably when he remarries, he will be able to take Fiona back.

Kellan, however, does not remarry, and Fiona is raised in Ireland. He supports her and visits as often as he can, rarely missing her birthday. As she grows older, she visits her father in the United States from time to time. Much later, after completing her studies at Trinity, she decides to so the medical school in America.

Jordan Montgomery

Jordan Montgomery and Kellan have known each other since they were children. Although separated in age by a few years, they live in the same neighborhood and both attend Boston College. Somewhat older than Kellan, Jordan goes from BC to Harvard Law school and begins his practice in Boston. When Kellan returns from Ireland with his law degree and begins his own practice, he soon discovers that he and Jordan are dealing in the same area of the law. Their paths begin to cross in the courtroom, and a spirited but friendly rivalry between the two young attorneys develops. From time to time after doing battle in the courtroom, they repair to Foley's pub in South Boston, where Kellan can reflect on his experience in Ireland, and where Jordan can share his own plans for his future with his friend. ┬áJordan soon decides to move back to his parents’ home in Pittsfield in Western Massachusetts to run for office. Within a short time he is elected to the United States Congress as the Junior Republican Senator from Massachusetts. He and Jordan keep up their friendship and will meet again.

Alexandra Crowell

Kellan moves to New York to help open his firm's New York office. He is now a partner and member of the firm's hiring committee. He interviews a young attorney and recent graduate of Duke law school. a former All-American basketball player at the University of Maryland. Alexandra Crowley is a witty, intelligent and very competent young lawyer. She also happens to be gay, but she and Kellan spend many happy hours together on the basketball court playing with their firm's other members in pickup games. They soon become fast friends. When Kellan decides to run for office from his home district in New York, Alex, who was an intern in the House of Representatives while a student at Maryland, gets involved in his political campaign. When Kellan is elected to Congress, she asks if she might come to Washington to work for him, and he readily consents. Alex quickly becomes one of his closest and most effective political advisers in addition to being one of his dearest friends. She never hesitates to tell him what she thinks of his actions on any subject, personal or political.

Kathleen Morrissey

Kathleen is Kellan's second love. Kellan meets Kathleen Morrissey after he is already committed to Moira. Kathleen is Moira's roommate and best friend, even though the two women have very different backgrounds. Whereas Moira comes from a warm, loving comfortable family, Kathleen has had a troubled childhood and was raised by an aunt in Belfast, where she became acquainted with ‘the troubles.’ While in Belfast she met a young man deeply involved with the Irish cause, a budding member of the IRA. Kathleen returns to Dublin where she finds a job and by chance becomes acquainted with Moira. The two opposite personalities attract each other, and Kathleen becomes Moira's best friend and roommate. As Kellan and Moira prepare for marriage, he gets to know Kathleen very well. They are powerfully attracted to each other, but their dual loyalty to Moira prevents them from consummating what might have been a very passionate relationship. Kathleen attends Kellan and Moira's wedding at Moira’s home in Mallow, where she wishes them both well and promises to visit them in America sometime in the future.

Although she eventually marries her friend from Belfast, the man who is involved with the IRA, Kellan keeps in touch with Kathleen through Moira's family and through Fiona. When Kathleen's marriage ends, Kellan arranges a meeting with her, and following a romantic interlude in London, she agrees to come to America to be with him. She arrives, and they marry just as Jordan's campaign for president begins. When Jordan is suddenly seriously injured, Kathleen becomes the subject of wild speculation.
Other Players

William Shannon, Ben Steinberg and Julian Michaels are partners in Kellan's law firm who guide his career as he starts out. Lynn Patterson is Kellan's first campaign manager when he decides to run for Congress. They become friends and eventually have a brief affair. Jean Slater works on Kellan's first campaign as Lynn's assistant and goes to Washington as a member of his staff. She grows in the job and eventually becomes his Chief of Staff. Along with Alex, she is a close confidant and advisor.

Michaela Sears is Kathleen's Aunt Mikki, who lives in Belfast. She helped raise Kathleen, and turns out to have some important clues about Kathleen's past.

Eddie Maguire, his wife Eileen, Kellan's sister Mary and her husband Tom Wells and their three children are Kellan's family. His mother Nora has grown old during Kellan's time in Ireland, and he feels that he should have kept in closer touch with her.

Carmen Montefiore is Kellan's first Chief of Staff in Congress. An old political pro, he guides Kellan's early congressional career. When he dies of a heart attack, Jean moves into his position. Charlie Wright and Martin Downey are fellow law partners and long time friends. Bob Reynolds is Jordan's top political advisor and guides Kellan through the difficulties that erupt when Jordan is critically injured in an accident.

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