A New Novel by H.J. Sage to be Published in February 2015.

Jack McMahon is a commissioned officer in the United States Army serving as an aide to a lieutenant general in the Pentagon. He soon falls in love with Captain Jessica Caldwell, a beautiful young officer who stood at the top of her class at West Point point and is bound for the stars—she hopes to become the first female general in the Army. Jack and Jessica share their hopes and dreams, but Jack’s dream is to earn a doctorate in literature and become a writer and college professor. When Jessica is unable or unwilling to give up her Army career, their paths begin to diverge, even though they live together. When she is transferred to Fort Dix, New Jersey, their romance becomes strained, but their love is deep enough that they can carry on, even as Jack leaves the Army and pursues his graduate studies.  When Jessica is transferred overseas, their long-time friendship is tested to the limit. When she gets orders to a combat zone, Jack, now a professor at a small college, prays for her safety and quick return. He gives Jessica a gold friendship ring declaring his undying love for her. The two star-crossed lovers are tested to the breaking point, and Jack wonders if they can survive, resting his hopes on the fact that he has pledged his love to Jessica forever.

Captain Jack McMahon. Penn State graduate, first in his ROTC class and first in his class at the Army Artillery School at Fort Sill, Jack seems destined for a successful Army career until his first two duty assignments thwart his plans when he is misassigned. He decides to pursure his original goal of life in the acadmic world, following his mother's path.

Captain Jessica Caldwell. Daughter of a career Navy officer and a mother who descended from Spanish nobility, Jessica strives to honor the military traditions of her family. She excels at West Point and strives to match the achievements of her brothers, one a Navy pilot, the other the captain of a destroyer. Her plans are tested when she falls in love with Jack. Will she continue her promising career, or follow Jack intoa different world?

Army Generals Westfall, Borowski and Cunningham. Jack and Jessica serve as aides to these generals on the E-ring of the Pentagon, where the big decsions are made, and where Army politics are on full parade. The two young officers serve with honors, trying to match their own ambitions with the demands made on them by their seniors.

The McMahon and Caldwell Families want only the best for their son and daughter respectively, even as they realize that the two young people are stuggling to find and path to happiness together.

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