Londonderry Affair: Cast of Characters
Kathleen Morrissey Maguire Irish-born First Lady of the United States. She travels to Londerry on a peace mission. Kathleen was born in Cork in the Republic of Ireland. Because of troubles in her family, she was raised by her aunt Michaela in the city of Belfast in Northern Ireland. She was educated at Queens University in Belfast, but returned to Dublin where she worked as a writer, journalist and editor. Her best friend Moira married Kellan Maguire, and following Moira's death in childbirth she and Kellan sustained a long and romantic relationship. They finally married shortly before Kellan ran for Vice President. Upon the death of Kellan's predecessor, Kathleen became the First Lady of the United States, the first Irish-born First Lady in American history.
Kellan Maguire President of the United States. Educated at Boston College and Trinity University, Dublin. Following a successful career as a three-time Congressman from New York, Kellan was invited by his colleague Senator Jordan Montgomery to join him on the ballot for president and vice president of the United States. When the Republican President-elect Montgomery was killed in a tragic accident, democratic Vice President Kellan Maguire succeeded. Although they were elected by a comfortable margin, Kellan's loyalty to both parties came into question following Jordan Montgomery's death. Attention soon focused on the First Lady when it was discovered that she had made a secret trip to Derry on a peace mission.
Bob Reynolds Chief of Staff to the president. A savvy, experienced political counselor and advisor. When Democratic Congressman Kellan Maguire was nominated to run with Republican Senator Jordan Montgomery, Kellan's biggest support in winning over the faithful came from Bob Reynolds. Upon Jordan's death, Bob became Kellan's Chief of Staff and most trusted advisor.
Lacey Traynor The First Lady’s Secret Service Agent. Tough, competent, loyal to the First Lady. A condition laid down by the president for Kathleen's participation in the hazardous mission was the compliment of her trusted Secret Service agent.
Conor Doyle Leader of the Society for Peace. Former member of the Provisional IRA. He “kidnaps” The First Lady and persuades her to participate in the dangerous mission
Mary McLaughlin Member of the Society for Peace. One-time friend of the First Lady in Belfast. Mary's Participation in the peace group convinces Kathleen that the secret mission is indeed a worthy cause.
Lt. Col. Mike Crowell, USMC The president’s military aide. At the president's direction, Mike shadows the First Lady to Londonderry As a backup for Kathleen Secret Service agent. When all hell breaks loose, he is instrumental in getting the first lady safely out of Northern Ireland.
Megan Lopardo State Department expert on Northern Ireland. She assists Colonel Crowell on the journey to Northern Ireland to provide background information and moral support for the First Lady..
Alexandra Crowell Counselor to the President. Longtime friend and fellow attorney & Mike Crowell's sister. The President gives Alex the mission of tracking the progress of the First Lady's trip so that he can attend to the daily business of his office.
Louisa Abigail Stephanson Prime Minister of Great Britain. Participant in the proposed peace talks.The attempt on the Prime Minister's life disrupts the meetings and causes a firestorm in public opinion, bringing the president's decision to send his wife to Northern Ireland into serious question.
Noah Walker Conservative Congressman, Member of House Judiciary Committee. Although he has meager support, Congressman Walker is determined to bring down the president by sponsoring impeachment hearings regarding the controversial peace mission.
Sherman Gorsuch Director of the FBI. Objects strongly to the First Lady's trip on the secret peace mission.
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