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This is the website for the novel Londonderry Affair by H.J. Sage, sequel to The Irish Connection.

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In the second year of Kellan Maguireā€™s presidency, First Lady Kathleen is approached by people she knew during her former life in Ireland. They have organized what they call the “Society for Peace.” They urge the First Lady to accompany them back to Derry City in order to to participate in discussions designed to lead to a permanent peace agreement to end The Troubles in Northern Ireland. Although the president is skeptical, over the objections of the FBI director and others, he allows his wife to proceed on what could possibly be a dangerous secret venture. The President's military aide and the First Lady's Secret Service agent provide protection during the potentially hazardous mission.

Kathleen is introduced to the group in Derry and begins to believe that they might have a real opportunity for progress. A meeting to include the Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland, is planned, but before it begins, violence erupts and threatens the life of a key participant in the discussions. All hell breaks loose, and the First Lady is hustled out of Ireland. When news of the mission is revealed in the United States, the president faces serious questions and must defend himself against charges of irresponsible conduct. First Lady Kathleen Morrissey again finds herself at the center of controversy.

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