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In the novel Suma some characters were left behind in Cheyenne. Suma's father and mother, Eddie and Kimi Rainey wanted to get back together. Suma's friend Corey was becoming a fine artist but was looking for intimate companionship. Eddie's friends help them get reestablished in town, but a murder raises questions he finds difficult to answer. The sheriff and a police officer do their best to untangle the mess, and Eddie's friend succeed only in muddying the waters. The characters are all trying to find answers, and their efforts is the essence of the story.
Eddie Rainey Eddie Rainey is Suma's father. A decent, hard-working Irishman, he raised his daughter with a love of music and did everything he could to provide a decent home for his wife Kimi and Suma. His gift of a fine Martin guitar, which he founded a pawnshop in Denver, was the gift that got her started in her musical career. After spending a few years in Texas trying to raise money, he has saved enough to come back to Cheyenne in hopes of reestablishing the family with Kimi.
Kimi Rainey Kimi Rainey is Eddie's sweet, kind, gentle Shoshone Indian wife. When Eddie goes to Texas to try to earn more money, she goes back to her Shoshone family on the wind River reservation and waits patiently for his return. She too raced her daughter with the love of music, and she is thrilled at her daughter's success. She misses Eddie, and hopes he can find a way to return to her.
Corey Richardson Corey was Suma's best friend. They live together for a while until Suma moved in with a high school boyfriend who offered her a free place to stay. Corey meanwhile became an administrator at the Cheyenne Medical Center while pursuing a career in art on the side. Has her artistic talents blossom, she gains the attention of a former high school sweetheart, police officer Carl Hendricks. The path to their romances Rocky, but they work to find a way to a future together.When Corey's mother died, she was comforted by Kimi Rainey and was always very close to Eddie, Kimi and Suma, her second family
Carl Hendricks Carl Hendricks spent four years in the Marine Corps as a military policeman. A lover of forces in a fine rider, when you get out of the Marines he thought about becoming a rodeo cowboy. But the skills he learned as a military policeman had served him well, and he joins the Cheyenne police force where he works diligently toward becoming a detective. While investigating a murder that may implicate Eddie Rainey, he is putting contact with Corey, and their romance blossoms.
Pete Callahan Pete Callan hands father was Irish, his mother a Cheyenne Indian, and Pete is proud of his Cheyenne heritage. A competent, hard-working sheriff, he is drawn into the investigation of the murder that seems to implicate his friend Eddie Rainey. He follows clues diligently, using all his skills to track down the actual killer. He serves as a guide and mentor to his friend, officer Carl Hendricks. The two law men worked diligently together to solve the murder that hangs over the city.
Row, Connie and George Row Reilly, Connie Bok and George Finch Are Eddie Rainey's best friends. They want to help him reestablish a residence in Cheyenne, and they help him find a place where he can make a living. When Eddie decides to build an art studio for his friend Corey on her property, his three friends pitch in and help with labor and supplies. When Eddie is suspected of murder, the three of them set out to try to help the police solve the crime. Their efforts muddy the water, but as luck would have it, they help uncover a clue that may lead to the true identity of the killer.
Jake  Redman When Jake Redman, who insulted Suma Rainey and Corey Richardson, is shot following an argument in the parking lot, people begin to think that Eddie Rainey must have done it because Jake spread rumors about the two women. Frustrated in love, and angry Jake gets what most people think he deserves.
Fred and Marian Keller Fred Keller owns a stable where Corey bords her horse, Bonnie. When she sees that her friend Carl loves writing Falcon, she buys Condor, another horse from the same stable. Fred watches their blooming romance with interests, and Marian explained to her husband exactly what is going on. The horses at Fred stable are an interesting part of the story.
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