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Suma is a story of a singer. The daughter of an Irish ranch hand and a Shoshone mother, Suma rainey grows up in Cheyenne Wyoming and learns to sing and play guitar as a youngster. Serious about her music, she takes courses in music composition after she graduates from high school and sings in a band and a small club in Cheyenne. As her musical talent grows, she decides to go to San Francisco to see if she can move up in the music world.

When she attends an open mic night at a San Francisco music club, the manager immediately recognizes her talent, and before long she is singing with a small band. She soon attracts an audience of fans who like her original songs and her singing and she accompanies herself on the guitar along with the band. The manager decides to reorganize the band and expand her role as the lead singer. Before long the music club where she places become one of the most popular music venues in the city.

When the band is invited to play in a huge hotel on the strip in Las Vegas, Suma is recognized as a singer whose work becomes known everywhere. While the band is playing in Las Vegas, the man she left behind in Cheyenne finds her again, and they renew a friendship that soon groans into a full-blown romance. And she rises toward the top of the musical world, her happiness is marred only by the other men in her life, a man she would prefer to forget.

Suma never forgets her friends, her family, and her origins in her Wyoming home. The songs she writes and performs come out of her Shoshone heritage and the songs her mother saying to her. The wind River Mountains in the wind River reservation on her anchor with her heritage out of which are musical experience gross

Main Characters

  • Kimi Rainey. Suma's mother and the source of her misuical background.
  • Eddie Rainey. Suma's father, who gave her a Martin guitar he fond in a pawn shop when shse turned sixteen.
  • Corey Richarson. Suma's best freinds and her anchor with her past life in Cheyenne—an artist whose talent grows like Suma's.
  • Gabriel Moreau. The man Suma loves. She loses trak of him, but whne he finds her again, her joy knows no bounds.
  • Jake Redman. The man she wants to forget—a former freind who drove her out of Cheyenne.
  • George Gibson. Bass player and wise counslor for Suma in San Francisco. He guides her along her path to stardom.

The Onion Patch Club

The Onion Patch becomes Suma's musical home. George Gibson, Sally, Will, Pete, Greg and desi are Suma's muscial family, amd they grow together as the club becomes a top music venue in San Francisco. Glenn and Rosie, co-owners and managers reshape the club and help it grow, making Suma the center attraction as the club expands and brings in new listerners to the music of the Onion Patch band.

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