naval officer cap Home From the Sea

home from the seaNavy Lieutenant Casey Coughlin, fresh off sea duty, gets orders to an elite working group assigned to look for a mole who is leaking information about the Navy. Before checking in at the Pentagon, Casey and his wife Marcy spand a week in Paris. There he is approached by Andre, a member of a clandestine organization in Paris that deals in informatiom exchange—they collect and sell vital information of intelligence value to the¬† highest bidder. Andre, who claims to be a friend of the United States, offers to work with Casey to exchange information. He reveals that he already knows where Casey will be working, a revelation that at first startles Casey. He goes to the American embassy to consult with the naval attach√© and the CIA, and he is given free rein to contact with the group in the hope of providing information about their true purpose.

Casey’s team of math whizzes and cyber specialists is stashed in secret location at the Army post at Fort Belvoir, Virginia. Serving under a rear admiral, Casey’s experienced Navy and civilian technicians create a website to attract intruders who might lead them to the source of the leak. They soon begin to draw traffic. Casey sends two of his team members to off post locations to snoop for what they can find. Carlos, once an amateur hacker, breaks into a chat group that may lead them to the mole, who seems to be connected with the Paris group. As they investigate the murky world of cyberspace, Casey’s team gradually uncovers evidence of shady doings somewhere within the Navy itself. The Director of Naval intelligence directs Casey to leave no stone unturned in his search for the suspected mole.

On several occasions Casey is approached by the admiral's beautiful young wife Natalie, who seems to have a romantic interest in him—a feeling he does not share. Casey gradually comes to suspect that Natalie may be involved with the Paris group. A meeting with an agent of the Paris group confirms his suspicions, but he needs solid evidence to establish her guilt.

Casey’s wife Marcy learns more about Natalie through the congressman she works for,who is on the House Intelligence Committee. When Casey discovers that the admiral knows Andre, he is sure he is onto something. His whiz kids find more groups and start collecting data which Casey can use as a bargaining chip with the Paris agents. Then Casey’s wife, who works in Congress, discovers more evidence that the admiral’s wife may be part of the problem. As Casey’s team closes in, the NCIS and FBI join in, racing to catch the guilty party, who tries to flee. The mad dash ends in Paris.

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