About Abigail Westerhaus

Abigail is a lost soul. When her husband, wealthy philanthropist Nicholas Fournier, dies in a boating accident, Abigail descends into a life of reckless behavior, Including heavy drinking. When a series of traffic violations lead to the loss of her driving privileges, her attorney convinces her to move From upstate New York back to her native Manhattan, where she still owns a brownstone home. Seeking a creative life, she enrolls in a writing class to polish up the skills she learned as a young editor at a publishing house. She soon forms a friendship with a fellow writer, a young woman police officer working on a crime novel. Despite their diverse backgrounds, Abigail and Karen find common ground as Abigail helps Karen with her writing, and Karen reacquaints Abigail with life in the big city. She introduces Abigail to her senior officer, a handsome police captain, and the seeds of a romance are planted. When the captain leads a task force designed to bring down a dangerous crime ring, he finds himself in perilous territory. Abigail frets for his safety, fearing that her happiness may once again be tragically shattered.

Abigail's life in New York is enhanced by her former college roommate, Luciana Benedetti. A divorcee, Lucy sympathizes with Abigail's lonely state, and the two women wonder whether they will ever again find real romance in their lives.

When Abigail decides to help Karen finish and seek publication of her crime novel, she calls on her relationship with former colleagues in the publishing industry. When a friendly editor finds Karen's writing noteworthy, Abigail helps guide Karen through the maze of options regarding publication of her crime novel.

Abigail introduces Karen to her broker and friend, Anthony Richards, and she watches with interest as an unlikely romance develops between the two younger people. Tony also guides Abigail towards carrying out some philanthropic endeavors she decides to pursue as a way of honoring the memory of her husband Nicholas Fournier.

Although Abigail's life has become far more complicated than she had anticipated, she soon finds that life can indeed be rewarding and fulfilling, and she allows her finer instincts to take control of her life. With the support of all those old and new friends she has in the city where she first found happiness, her life once again becomes one of peace and happiness.

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