New York Girls

NEW YORK GIRLS. Abigail Westerhaus has everything she needs and nothing she wants. Having left a disastrous marriage for a beautiful one, she saw her dreams die in a storm on the Atlantic Ocean. Now a young widow, she is trying to put her shattered life back together. Tired of living recklessly, she returns to her native New York City where she finds joy in unexpected places. A sympathetic writing professor helps her find ways to express her native creativity. A young policewoman provides her an example of drive and determination. A handsome police captain begins to heal her broken heart. When a new tragedy strikes, she finds salvation in the restorative power of love, and the joy that comes from giving. Her once empty life amid the skyscrapers in the city she always loved is full again.

Abigail Westerhaus: Beautiful, rich, kind & generous, hungry for love.
Luciana: Abigail's former college roommate and best friend.
Karen: Dedicated, bright, creative NYC police woman. Abigail's new friend.
Tom: Handsome, rugged NYC police captain who falls for Abigail.
Eric: Abigail's teacher, who stirs her latent creative impulses.
Dorothy: Abigail's trusted long-time companion and friend.
Anthony: Abigail's financial counselor and friend who falls for Karen.8

An Arresting cast of characters who help Abigail find
what she so desperately seeks.

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