coverRikki Karras is a young philosopher with theoretical knowledge about why things happen. As she searches for more grounded ideas, she comes across a book by Travis, a wounded veteran of combat in Afghanistan who was also searching to find the truth behind his own recent experience. Rikki has the theoretical, Travis has the practical. The two young people decide to combine forces and examine experiences like the history of warfare, religion, and science in the context of thousands of years of human history. Their journey becomes a combined Odyssey searching for Plato's “Good.”

When the results of Travis's incapacitating wounds grow more serious, he and Rikki must find a path to finish the product on which they embarked. Their joint adventure becomes one of near desperation as time closes in on them.

In the course of their work they examine the work of philosophers, historians, religious figures and politicians stretching back to thousands of years before the birth of Christ. What is it in human DNA that seems to strive toward conflict while in the other hand striving toward building communities and helping their fellow citizens? The answer is elusive, but Travis and Rikki are indefatigable on their search for answers.

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